Intersubjectivity, urban life and psychosis: a phenomenological approach

Symposium at the 21st International ISPS Conference "Stranger in the City", Rotterdam

Saturday 31 august 14.00 – 17.00 

In traditional (phenomenological) psychiatry psychotic experiences are located in the individual. Psychosis is assumed to be first and foremost a matter of an individual’s consciousness, psyche or mind-brain, rather than being embedded in larger (sociocultural) structures.

On this symposium, we will examine the place and role of sociocultural factors, especially of urban life. Are migration and  city life only triggers to an otherwise self-contained, separate psychotic journey? Do city interactions, and various city values merely supply the themes or ‘content’ of a psychotic transformation? Or does the breakdown of shared value systems and cohesive social ecologies in globalized cities of the 21st century also trickle down, to be expressed on the individual level? That is, does psychotic form, or phenomenological structure reflect urban-societal form or structure and can they be understood as a response to this? 
In short, how do the conference themes of alienation, psychosis and (re)connection relate to each other, on both individual and societal levels? And, how do we adapt current models of psychosis to fully account for this interaction?
These questions will be discussed by four experts who have wide experience both in philosophical and psychiatric analyses of the concept of psychosis, as well as in direct or indirect acquaintance with the lived experience of psychosis.
Moderator: Wouter Kusters
Speakers: Rob Sips, Jasper Feyaerts, Elizabeth Pienkos

This symposium is held at Saturday during the ISPS Conference, which is the day open for non-conference visitors, for a reduced price of 125 euro. See here.  (Donateurs/Vrienden van de Stichting Psychiatrie en Filosofie krijgen 20 euro korting, voor meer info, mail ons, en zie hier)