Presentations of the Too mad to be true conference in Ghent

All info about the conference, the speakers and the abstracts of their presentations is found here.

Marc Calmeyn –  DSM (5) and psychosis: the psychosis of DSM (5)? 

Willem Daub - Too Mad to be True: You Don’t See What They See, But They Do!

Roy Dings - Who knows what? Demarcating the epistemic role of experts-by-experience in mental health care

Gerben van de Kraats – The primacy of mind in psychopathology (password on request)

Wouter Kusters (keynote) – Sources of Philosophy, Sources of Madness?

Urte Laukaityte - Psychosomatic Mental Illness: A Hypothesis

Marcelo Vieira Lopes  – Too sad to be true: depression, mad pararealism and the sense of reality

Kathleen Lowenstein - Engaging the margins: mad studies, critical disability studies, and bioethics

Beatrice Bianca Salamena  – Is it too much to give all the things that are inexpressible a place?