Too mad to be true

International Conference on the Philosophy of Madness and the Madness of Philosophy. September, 23-24, 2021, Ghent, Dr. Guislain Museum. 

Central themes of this conference were the current renaissance of phenomenological psychopathology, the value and meaning of the first-person perspective in philosophy and psychiatry, the growing contributions to this subject from the analytic philosophical tradition, neo-psychoanalytic thought, and the philosophically-oriented cognitive neurosciences. In addition, in December 2020 Wouter Kusters' seminal work A Philosophy of Madness. The Experience of Psychotic Thinking (MIT Press) was published, which was the direct occasion to organize this event. In addition to more strictly academic and clinical questions, this work also provokes discussion about where - and how - philosophy and madness interfere.  
With this conference we hope to have taken madness out of its status as a silenced and passive object of philosophical and psychopathological inquiry, and brought it back into the communal space of shared philosophical discussion as a subject that speaks for itself, a living voice, and a meaningful experience. Presentations of the keynote speakers see below, all presentations click hereAll info about the speakers and the abstracts of their presentations is found here.

Keynote speakers

Opening Conference + keynote speaker Borut Skodlar

Keynote speaker Stijn Vanheule

Keynote speaker Nev Jones

Keynote speaker Maria Balaska (password on request)

Keynote speaker Louis Sass

Keynote speaker Wouter Kusters